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About Priyanka

Often a single image can speak many languages and has the power to express so much; a feeling, an emotion or perhaps an entire story, something words cannot often portray.

I, Priyanka am a contemporary fine artist who lives and works in Dubai, UAE.
My early artistic inclination and aspiration have become fully realized as a career which has brought me recognition as an accomplished artist.

Nurturing an avid and explorative mind, my hands always dance to the constant compelling rhythm of creativity that my mind produces.
Art is the personality of one’s inner self, without that understanding, one cannot create.
All my creations are special to me and designed to outlast several lifetimes and provide beautiful, bright, vivid colors, delivering the essence of an original piece with clarity.

My artistic creations include Oil Painting, Acrylics, Water Colour, Mural Art, Glass Stain Mural Art, Decoupage, Art On Wood, Impasto Painting, 3D Art And Picture Portraits.

“Art is my passion and each piece of my art carries a part of my soul and heart and also a moment of my life!”

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